The Evergreen Local Improvement District (ELID) is a means for completing critical public safety projects in the activity centers of Evergreen that are otherwise not being addressed. It is funded by the all voluntary Evergreen Legacy Fund and executed by the staff at Jefferson County. The ELID initiative is being facilitated by a grassroots coalition of local volunteers working with the Jefferson County Commissioners and other County staff to administer this District.

Why is it needed?

Right now Evergreen is at risk from over-use and under-repair. Our infrastructure doesn’t reflect the investments we have made as residents and business owners. The disrepair even collides with the natural beauty that surrounds us.

It’s time our current infrastructure lives up to the exceptional quality of life that brought us all here.


The Evergreen Local Improvement District will make that possible by shining a light on what we see as our most pressing concerns about safety, connectivity, and livability in Evergreen. With its formation, we can cut through the red tape on getting critical public safety projects completed with our own local Evergreen Legacy Fund dollars.

ELID harnesses our voice and enables the resources necessary to preserve our wonderful mountain character. 

ELID Boundaries Map

Approved October 2020

There is a drastic need out there for safer sidewalks and pedestrian crossings, connector trails and a beautification program to make us all proud to live in Evergreen. This new “citizen led initiative” will establish a framework to make these improvements happen for all of us. I support these people and this ELID process completely. This is good for Evergreen.

Peter Eggers

46-year Resident | Former EPRD Board of Directors

With today’s issues, hopefully you will take time to  support the ELID. Please join us!

Hank Alderfer

Lifetime Resident | Evergreen Historian

A Local Improvement District is the best way and, in some cases, the only way, to maintain the quality of life in Evergreen, let alone elevate it.

Greg Dobbs

31-year Resident | Veteran TV News Journalist

A Local Improvement District (LID) is the perfect solution and brightest hope for preserving and enhancing our unique mountain community. It can only improve all the things we love about our Evergreen, as we make it safer and match the beauty.

Gail Riley

38-year Resident | Owner, Highland Haven Creekside Inn

I support ELID wholeheartedly. I am so grateful that we will finally have an avenue for addressing the safety issues, primarily for pedestrians, in Evergreen. This is an essential step forward. I support this initiative wholeheartedly.

Kay La Montagne

36-year Resident | Owner, Mountain Home

ELID will provide a much needed vehicle for implementing projects and improvements to our community’s neglected roadways, curbs, gutters, crosswalks and trails.  All of this and more without creating a city government. It’s time to secure Evergreen’s beauty and safety for generations to come.

Warren & Betsy Rose

9-year Resident

More power to improve Evergreen, no increased government…..no brainer! 

I’m strongly for it!

Anita Kreider

32-year Resident

Local Business Endorsements: